>>/ot/2129083 >>2129073 damn he needs to get some sleep
>>/hybe/353897 cunt pooga dissed horsesis and jimmy couldn't handle even if in imagination anyone else being with goog
>>/hybe/353896 >>353891 what happened in your life for you to be this schizo every day
>>/hybe/353895 >>353885 understandable, he looked particularly germanic and delicious today
>>/ot/2129082 chan is so fucking ugly
>>/hybe/353894 >>353892 same hag who cried about racism in hawaii? no fuck her
>>/ot/2129081 chan is made for loving sex
>>/ot/2129080 >>2129073 >giant pic >i can see his pores >i can see his blemishes bros i have been dreaming about this day
>>/hybe/353893 >>353891 not true but ok
>>/hybe/353892 >>353888 she actually is pretty forward about telling people off, i like her kek, she doesn't take any shit
>>/ot/2129079 >>2129073 i'm gonna sit on his face
>>/hybe/353891 >>353882 she did in the past and horse made bussies wear her stuff
>>/hybe/353890 >>353870 >scam ratmy okay for first and last time could you fucking share exactly what went down because you talk more shit th
>>/hybe/353889 >>353881 that was his peak
>>/hybe/353888 jiwoo always seemed smart tho, she never marketed herself as the sister of horse, but ratmies would constantly spam comments abo
>>/ot/2129078 >>2129051 you will get 50 year olds in latex pants next, anticipate
>>/ot/2129077 >>2129072 why didn't stacy let him fuck him
>>/kpop/749390 >>749389 it’s because it was such a popular song and still is, if idols dance to it they know they’ll get attention for it
>>/hybe/353887 i wanna see wifey's siblings. they must be beautiful
>>/hybe/353886 >>353880 kek most people do. especially if you're as rich and popular as they are