>>/ot/2604307 he may be an anachan but he's my anachan and he's special
>>/ot/2604306 i feel like im in a room full of moids
>>/ot/2604305 fat unu shits down regular unu's throat
>>/ot/2604304 nonas are you sure you want to call yourself ex bronies, one thing is to be cringe when you were a teen the other is to share po
>>/ot/2604303 wtf kai has never looked like an anachan
>>/ot/2604302 is mlp radical feminist praxis
>>/hybe/437533 >>437525 pick up a book jesus
>>/ot/2604301 bronies ruined mlp for me as a kid. i loved creepypastas but the clopping shit just made me really uncomfortable
>>/ot/2604300 >>2604297 daebak my pegasister *brohoof*
>>/ot/2604299 priest unu was the only time it clicked for me
>>/ot/2604298 mlp already aired in 2010, even us hags were still youngish then
>>/ot/2604297 >>2604292 i was 13/14 but same kek
>>/ot/2604295 >>2604285 unu is so boring
>>/ot/2604294 >>2604259 scammy hasn't been underweight in years
>>/ot/2604293 dst discovers people born in the 2000s
>>/ot/2604292 >>2604288 i was 12/13 but fully into the brony fandom and didn’t consider myself a child fan at all kekkkk
>>/ot/2604291 >>2604249 wonderful imagery
>>/ot/2604290 >>2604287 well i didn't call her underage
>>/ot/2604289 >>2604285 ok carry on but i don't ever see anyone shaming the feedernonas