>>/ot/2326848 >>2326844 she would have had more than one table which would've had her get a decent pay for the night. the point is burger wai
>>/hybe/388805 >>388801 the vocals are intentionally disjointed and at odds with the voice jimmy usually sings in to portray multiple voices a
>>/ot/2326847 >>2326844 iirc from that thread there were 4 or 5 people at the table
>>/hybe/388804 what the fuck? i just watched like crazy. why is the video cheap as fuck? i thought they made set me free cheap to go all out in
>>/hybe/388803 >>388787 yeah im really not a fan of the mullet bowl
>>/ot/2326846 why aren't you eating, nona?
>>/hybe/388802 >>388776 from the interactions it seems like some shit has gone down in recent months between jimmy and the others as besides h
>>/hybe/388801 >>388796 nta the instrumentals are good, the vocals are funny, if you get over that it becomes kind of cool in an ironic way. i
>>/kpop/753745 >>753728 kek >>753744 they should make a group with all the eliminated dozens
>>/ot/2326845 you're like a bitch from savanna
>>/ot/2326844 >>2326833 its lower than the suggested tip. so i guess barely enough to pay the waiters for their time. the food is cheaper in
>>/hybe/388800 >>388640 why is he wearing 2 pants?
>>/hybe/388799 >>388641 11/10
>>/hybe/388797 #respectmutt
>>/hybe/388796 >>388768 set me free is powerful as fuck if you bothered to give it a chance, it's anthemic
>>/ot/2326843 >>2326833 kek i saw this, burgers are crazy
>>/hybe/388795 i will kidnap him
>>/ot/2326842 tipping culture doesn't exist in my country
>>/hybe/388794 >>388791 one thing about beluga, his music always hits no matter how much i despise him. he has it in him. all his produced son
>>/hybe/388793 >>388720 i cant believe any of you retards ever actually thought he was gay. i knew my jimmy was straight