>>/ot/1930667 >>1930662 thats because they arent healthy. my husbando eats well and stays very hydrated
>>/ot/1930666 i imagine gabink as a dumbo clone for some reason
>>/ot/1930665 >>1930662 i will forcehydrate him first
>>/ot/1930664 >>1930660 shita however...
>>/ot/1930663 >>1930653 nta but what i've found is creating a drainage puncture with a sharp object or, in emergency situations, your teeth w
>>/ot/1930662 im assuming pissfags have never had the misfortune to actually witness the fucking vomit inducing stench of man piss. go walk pa
>>/ot/1930661 >>1930660 foolish girl i know what he looks like
>>/hybe/297500 >>297499 this is for you while you wait
>>/ot/1930660 >>1930654 >>1930655 you wouldnt be able to identify gabink in a lineup
>>/ot/1930659 >>1930648 >han bin >won bin >ga bin k >3 bins coincidence?
>>/ot/1930658 >>1930648 where is the bovine beauty
>>/ot/1930657 >>1930642 word
>>/ot/1930656 >>1930651 i'd still fuck
>>/ot/1930655 >>1930648 voting for gabink on principle
>>/ot/1930654 >>1930648 it's gotta be gabink
>>/ot/1930653 >>1930633 >head out okay, so the thing about head is that with **typically cut** scrote pissers they can end up swollen from t
>>/ot/1930652 >>1930648 hanbin had just one roastie constantly forcing him whereas gabink hit daebak with thousands of us
>>/ot/1930651 >>1930649 is tom holland a high value man
>>/ot/1930650 >>1930648 hanbin oppa is so impactful!
>>/ot/1930649 >>1930629 shes a based twinkhusbandoer though